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Dr.Jasmi Doshi Sarvaiya was conferred upon the degree 'Doctor of science 'for her innovative research in creation of Runes on 8th June 2019 @the convocation held in Russian center for culture and science.

Internationally acclaimed Tarot Grand-Master, Dr. Jasmi Doshi Sarvaiya, Being awarded a doctorate for her award-winning research, about connecting the spiritual essence of Jainism with the aim of enhancing the accuracy of Tarot readings, prompted Dr. Jasmi to debut as an author with ‘Chaitanya - Pioneering Cosmic Intelligence Through Jain Tarot’, released in esteemed presence of sir Ratan Tata.

‘Chaitanya - Pioneering Cosmic Intelligence Through Jain Tarot’ is an exemplary effort by Dr. Jasmi Doshi Sarvaiya, reflecting her comprehensive research, innovative approach and consummate understanding of the mystical study of Tarot.


Having completed a Masters in Jain Philosophy, Dr. Jasmi is 5th in linage to Mikao Usui, holding the Gokuikedan Reiki Grand Master Degree from Spanish Reiki Alliance. Her professional repertoire extends to being a practiced Aakashik record reader, Graphologist, Astro-gemologist, Numerologist, Palmist, Pyra Vastu expert, Access Bar Practitioner, Aura/Personal Energy Manager, Tassologist, Tibetan sound bowl healing, Runes-Reading, aroma therepist, and a Columnist in leading publications. She’s the Chairperson of the NGO, ‘Hem Vijay Foundation’.

Dr. Jasmi has been a representative at the United Nations CSW61 Conference in New York, on interfaith and peace. She has been awarded with "Mahatma Gandhi Samman" award at British parliament in London, along with many prestigious awards. She presented her paper in alternative and restorative health congress 2017 held at Vienna.

About the Book


It is said that “it is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful.” And today, my heart is filled with joy to be able to share with you the work of my greatest passion.
So I begin by thanking the people who have been instrumental in making my dream a reality and those who have taken the time to grace the occasion. Thank universe for Blessings in abundance. H.E.Consul Gen of Russia Mr.Andrei Ziltshov relesed my book 'Chaitanya' amongst the Elite presence of Dame Dr.Meher Master moos, Sir Ratan Tata, H.E.counsal General of islamicrepublic of Iran Ahmad Sadeghi, and Padmshree Vijaykumar Shah at the convocation ceremony held by Zorastrian College,@ Russian Culture Centre, Peddar Road, Mumbai on 2nd june 2018.

I am truly humbled and honored to be in your presence today to celebrate my dream turning into a reality with the release of my first ever book – ‘Chaitanya’. Chaitanya is the product of ten of years of passion, dedication and commitment to delivering a holistic insight into tarot, as seen for the very first time, from the premise of the principles of Jainism..

Though this is the first time that the association between Tarot and Jainism has been established, the other pioneering aspect about the book is that for the first time, it provides readers a more rounded understanding by complementing Tarot with astrology, gemology, colors, aromatherapy and (add any other aspects you have added).

To me, there is no greater joy than learning something new and then using that knowledge in the service of others, and it is with that basic aim that I have written ‘Chaitanya’ – I hope that it will provide added knowledge and interest in tarot experts and tarot enthusiasts.

I wish to share five very interesting aspects about ‘Chaitanya’ with you – and I promise to make it quick and not to bore you:


Firstly, I wish to share with you that Chaitanya is an ‘Emblem Tarot Book’ and I wish to tell you why I chose it. An Emblem Tarot Book is a book where Emblems i.e. Lanchan of Jain Trithankar is taken as Tarot Cards. The idea was birthed in my mind with Ashoka Pillar, National Emblem if India. The Pillar holds staunch relationship with Jainism. Four Lions are Emblems of Lord Mahavir, at the bottom of the pillar, we see Dharma Chakra with 24 spokes of 24 Trithankaras. This wheel is extensively found in Jain Sculptures. Next ot it is a Bull, symbol of Lord Adinath. The symbol following it is an elephant, Lanchan of Lord Ajithnath. Besides that a Horse, which is symbol of lord Sambhavnath.

Secondly, Chaitanya is based on principle of ‘Anekantwad’, means establishing your standpoint with due respect to other persons point of view. There is no absolute truth. Everything is right or wrong perception matters. If I say its evening, I’m right but someone sitting in New York can prove me worng by saying its morning, so Dravya, Shetra, Kaal, Bhaav, matters in all context. I felt spreading the awareness of the principle of‘Anekantwad’ was important through Chaitanya because Chaitanya is a unique book based on research thesis submitted through Z C for my Doctorate degree. My Z C has followed of the principal of Anekantwad actually. We are guided and motivated to explore our ideas irrespective of our religion, caste, color, gender. We are a family, representing different religion and making efforts of establish communal harmony and peace. Though our path are different but the destination is the same to attain ultimate happiness.

Thirdly, I’m very grateful and excited to share with you that ‘Chaitanya’ is not just about knowledge, but also application. It is a guide as much for experts as it is for new tarot enthusiasts, and it employs a holistic principle which works on all four levels – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.


Fourthly, having read numerous tarot books myself, I realized that there was a need for a ‘ready reckoner’, which provides a more dynamic view of the study of Tarot. ‘Chaitanya’ successfully bridges that gap as it provides not just insights but also tarot-connects with other power-elements including aromatherapy, affirmations, crystals, astrology, rudraksh, choghadiya or time frame, Tattva and so on.

Fifthly, and most importantly, it is my greatest pleasure to share with you, that having done a test run with about thirty different people, this book has lived up to its promise of benefitting the readers. It brings you much more than knowledge and application techniques, it is a self-help guide, complete with meditational programs and mantras, which bring you peace and positive energy.

If my readers will benefit personally as well as be able to help others through ‘Chaitanya’, then I know I would have achieved the purpose I had aimed for.

Friends, I thank you for your patience and for taking the time to share our joy today. It would feel incomplete if I did not give my heartfelt thanks to all those who have been instrumental in helping me through this journey – I thank someone smiling and blessing me from heaven – Mr. Vimal Doshi, my all spiritual guru, my parents Mr Nayan Shah and Meera Shah, My husband Mr. Shrenik Sarvaiya, my mentor Dr. Meher Master Moos without whose support and guidance my dream would not become a reality, My family, sisters meghana and siddhi, Ms. Anihita Subedar for editing this book, and I thank one and all who have directly or indirectly helped me through this journey


Feel free to connect with me – my book will be available at Zoroastrian College, Sanjan.

Once again, Thank You All!




Wow Women Excellence Award

Mahatma Gandhi Samman, House of Lords 2017, London


Awarded 'Jyotish Vibhushan' at Jyotish Mahakumbh organised by Amar Ujala at Deharadoon

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