The 15 Most Influential Women IWD 2023


Dr.Jasmi Doshi, Ph.D. D.Sc.

  • Date and Time : Tue, 07 Mar 2023 02:18 PM
  • Subject : The 15 Most Influential Women IWD 2023
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Dr. Jasmi Doshi-Sarvaiya
Pioneering Cosmic Intelligence through JAIN TAROT
The 15 Most Influential Women IWD 2023: TAROT GRAND MASTER

Talk us through your background and journey as a Jain Tarot Strategist and Expert
Dr. Jasmi Doshi says that she was fortunate enough to have had a good share of life’s experiences ranging from the lowest of the lows, to the highest of the highs. She says that these bottoms and peaks were temporary but taught her tremendously important lessons. She says that as a child, she found herself in a deeper connection to mortal existence. Her being born into a Jain family only accelerated her spiritual growth.

Dr.Jasmi says that she inherited her thirst for knowledge from her nana, Mr.Hemubhai Shah. She says that the obsession of books was passed on to her mother, Mrs. Meera Shah, who then cultivated the habit of reading good books since her childhood. She also says that advice and guidance in dealing with life and learning to adjust in difficult situations added to her growth.

The passion for knowledge instilled in her by her parents Mr.Nayan Shah, drove her to study various courses like tarot card reading, reiki, yoga numerology, vaastu, tea cup reading and graphology. All through this journey, her purpose was the need to search for her driving force of life. She joined a certificate course on Jainism in Kalina University, and earned her masters in Jain Philosophy, and was on track to do her PHd.

While she was at her peak phase, she lost her best friend – her soul, life and world, Mr.Vimal Doshi. She says it all happened suddenly and rapidly, she felt that her existence became worthless in a spark of a moment. It was her family and friends that helped her cope with the loss, and she says that she is always indebted to them for doing so. They remind her of all the things she still had to do, all the things she had to tick off her to-do-list. And slowly, she started coming back on her feet. She found herself in a press club, which she credits MS. Anahita Subedar, the facilitator of PR and Media Management at Press club. She realised that no one would stop for her, and that she had to move.

Dr.Jasmi started her research work on the topic Karmawad – the study of ups and downs in one’s own life. She started writing on the subject of Jain Philosophy. During this phase of her life, she remembered how friends from all walks of life helped her cope up with her losses – Parsis, Sindhis, Islam’s, Jains and Brahmins. This motivated her to do a comparative study on karma in all faiths.

She wondered that after so much pain in her life, would there be any blessings of pleasures. And that’s when she met her now companion, Mr. Shrenik Sarvaiya. He worked day and night with Dr. Jasmi and motivated her to finish her research work. However, she lucked out and her thesis was rejected. However, her mentor, Dr. Meher Master Moos appreciated her research work on studying karma in different philosophies, but asked her what her creation was. And she did not have an answer.

This question sparked another idea in her, and thus was born, Chaitanya – Emblem Tarot Deck, a tarot deck based on Jain Philosophy. This book is now recorded as the world’s first emblem tarot deck in the Golden Book of World Records.